Green Love products are formulated by Dr. Ruth Gilman, a pharmacist and busy mom who began making her own natural products for herself and her own family. Dr. Gilman received her bachelor of science in pharmacy degree from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and her doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Illinois. We are proud to bring Dr. Gilman's products to you and your family. We invite you to enjoy the benefits of going green with products that are made with love, are all natural and really work.

We here at Green Love Products are dedicated to providing health conscious individuals and families all over the world with nothing but the highest quality natural beauty, personal care and household products that are completely free of chemicals and toxins. Not a single one of our products contains dangerous additives such as parabens, petrochemicals, heavy metals, artificial coloring or synthetic fragrances which are all known to be toxic and may cause diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Instead, Green Love delivers pure products that are blended with the very best ingredients nature has to offer like coconut oil, baking soda, essential oils, and more. And unlike many other so-called natural brands that may use a combination of natural ingredients mixed with conventional, synthetic chemicals, our products are completely and truly natural. No “green washing”.

All of our products are specifically formulated by our founder, Dr. Betsy Gilman. Dr. Gilman has employed the knowledge she attained from college and university, her years of service to the community as a registered pharmacist, her experience as a modern mom, and her passion for natural living in order to develop a line that is safe, gentle, and highly effective.

If you are ready to make the switch to all natural living, we encourage you to learn about and try our products. While browsing you will find premium quality, non-toxic personal and home care products such as our bestselling aluminum-free deodorant, natural laundry soap, and much more as we continue to release new products. Be sure to keep up with our blog for all of the latest tips and natural living advice from our team here at Green Love and get ready to enjoy the benefits of going green with products that are made with love, are all natural, and really work!